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Underneath The Underneath
Lime Lament

PHILIP SANDERSON Underneath The Underneath - A Vienna Souvenir

CD album | gg455
Philip Sanderson first started releasing music as part of Storm Bugs in the late 1970s as captured on the A Safe Substitute CD (Klang gg378). He also set up his own Snatch Tapes cassette label releasing music by David Jackman and Alien Brains amongst others. Reviews in the Wire magazine of the instrumental tracks described them as being akin to “a boiling vat of electronic music that occasionally sounds like the work of a mad scientist”, whilst the songs have a “flavour of what Kevin Ayers might cook up if he were alive and forced to work with the Residents”. Philip has also released music under the names of Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey, Ice Yacht, Maids Of The Marsh and Vote Police. In summer 2023, Philip played one of his very rare concerts at the Klang 30 festival in Vienna, Austria. This album presents you the music played at the gig, plus music that was influenced by or created in Vienna while his stay. Full tracklist: 1. Line D 2. Coffee House Calculations 3. Underneath The Underneath 4. Lime Lament 5. Hodge (Revisited) 6. Fünf Minuten 7. Swing. Price: € 19,-|copy incl. worldwide shipping.

I very much like his music, as it is a curious collision of styles, there is the musique concrète-like use of field recordings sitting next to rhythms, sequencers and vocals. I dont think pop music is the right word, but its along those lines; a piece such as Hodge (Revisited) could lean towards Industrial music. When Sanderson sings, it is very accessible music, such in Line D; when not, it becomes a bit more abstract, such as the Coffee House Calculations, with its coffee house sounds. As before, Sandersons music isnt upbeat, necessarily, and yet it is also not dour. Its atmospheric and lighter than your usual dark drone music.
(Vital Weekly, November 2023)