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Her Favourite Distance Was That Between A Cough And A Dying Horse
Tugging At The Harp Strings

KEVIN TOMKINS Her Favourite Distance Was That Between A Cough And A Dying Horse

CD album | gg459
Kevin Tomkins is best known for his work in Whitehouse and his own group Sutcliffe Jugend, now called Sutcliffe No More. He also worked with Bodychoke, Inertia and Patient K. Most of his music has its background in the power electronics scene that evolved in Great Britain around the label Come Organisation and the group Whitehouse. Power electronics is a style of noise music that typically consists of static, screeching waves of feedback, analogue synthesizers making sub-bass pulses or high frequency squealing sounds; with screamed and distorted vocals. The genre is noted for its influence from industrial. It is generally atonal, like most noise music and also features a lack of conventional melodies or rhythms. To match its sonic excess, power electronics relies heavily upon extreme thematic and visual content: whether in lyrics, album art, or live performance actions. For his solo work, Kevin sometimes uses a very different style to his group work. An autoharp or chord zither is a string instrument belonging to the zither family. It uses a series of bars individually configured to mute all strings other than those needed for the intended chord. In summer 2023, Kevin played a rare solo show in Vienna at Klanggalerie's 30th birthday bash. It was based on his autoharp album using that very instrument plus voice and an arrangement of gimmicks and tools. A week later, he created an album based on the performance and his time in Vienna. Full tracklist: 1. Her Favourite Distance Was That Between A Cough And A Dying Horse 2. Tugging At The Harp Strings 3. Cutting Through A Vacuum With Bloodied Thighbone Scissors 4. A Quip For My True Love Buried Beneath A Thousand Tiny Feet 5. Alive And Well In Vienna (Past Tense). Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.