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Live In Vienna
Live In Vienna


CD album | gg461
Originally, Hastings of Malawi were Heman Pathak, David Hodes and John Grieve. They recorded their first album in one night in 1981 with no plan and no idea of what they were doing. They played drums, clarinet, synthesiser and piano but also made use of things that they found lying around the studio – old records, cookery books, telephone directories and a telephone. The recordings were played down the phone to randomly dialled numbers and the reactions added to the recording. All three had been involved in the recording of the first Nurse with Wound album Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella and had contributed metal scrapings, piano, effects, clarinet and guitar during the session. The band split up after the first album but reformed 35 years later with a string of new albums and a lot more experience and plan. In June 2023, Hastings Of Malawi were invited to play the Klang 30 festival in Vienna, Austria. This was only the second time the band graced a stage, 38 years after the first performance. This outstanding rare opportunity was recorded and is now presented on CD. Maybe your only ever chance to find out what they sound like live! Full tracklist: 1. Live In Vienna. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.