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Since the beginning of the Unconventional Residents project, Alieno deBootes has recorded, arranged, adapted, processed and completed a lot of stuff. Thanks to the collaboration of other great italian and international friends and musicians, he was able to realize a project he had been working on for a long time: publish a non-conventional reinterpretation of the music of one of the most interesting and influential groups in his listening experience. With the involvement of Klanggalerie Records it was therefore possible to publish the first two volumes of these collections, characterized by decidedly unusual interpretative choices, especially considering the uniqueness of the musical material we are talking about. On the eve of the forthcoming publication of the third volume of Unconventional Residents, Alieno deBootes and Klanggalerie have agreed to collect some of the recordings made so far through the choice of alternative versions of the songs that appeared in the two previous volumes, as well as a preview of the contents of the next album (also in this case with "alternate versions") and some curious outtakes that did not find space in the final compilations of the albums produced so far. It is a sort of Christmas present that precedes the official release of the third chapter scheduled for the beginning of winter 2024. Illustrious guests among the various pieces collected here are Brian Poole (Renaldo M.), Christophe Godin, Ken Field, James Larcombe, Luis Gonzalez as well as the "regular" collaborators of all time such as Masha Galvan, Spike Delgado, Alessandro Monti, Mark Flaviot, Kenji Yamada, Roberto Marchetto and Franco Moruzzi. Much still remains unreleased, but in the meantime it might be a good idea to try listening to this unconventional version of the least conventional group that the history of music in the second half of the twentieth century can remember. Full tracklist: 1. Loneliness 2. Birthday Boy (I'm 64) 3. Tourniquet Of Roses 4. Adventures Of A Troubled Heart 5. The Booker Tease 6. Rest Aria II 7. You YesYesYes 8. Possessions 9. March De La Winni 10. Emotional Music II 11.Timmy 12. Edweena (Piano Variations) 13. Boo Who 14. (Tragic) Laughing Song. Price: € 8,99