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Circus Mozimus
Angry Buddha
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MOZO MOZO Maschine

CD album | gg470
Mozo Mozo was founded in 2018. Moritz Haberkorn (guitar, FX), Michael Masen (sax), Christoph Kirmaier (bass, FX) and Lukas Wöber (drums) played many intense session before forming the group. Their aim was to bring original free jazz to a young audience. Their live shows are legendary - their gigs are complex, performative and combine elements of jazz and rock. In 2021 Felix Linhart took Moritz Haberkorn's place with the former concentrating more on his solo projects like Morast. The name Mozo Mozo is open to many interpretations. In Japanese, mozo means cozy or cuddly, in Spanish it means waiter or young man. The group was and is inspired by artists like Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Zu, John Zorn, Balázs Pándi or Flying Luttenbachers but aims to create their unique interpretation of highly energetic virtuoso live music. The band use their own tool, the Mozo Machine, to direct them through both their gigs and the recording of this album. Mozo Mozo are playing many live shows and have supported groups like Old Time Relijun or Blurt. If you are a fan wild free jazz, this is a must have. Think Blurt, John Zorn or Flying Luttenbachers and you know what we are talking about. Full tracklist: 1. Circus Mozzimus 2. Interlude X 3. Meta Mind Training 4. Mozotissimo 5. Interlude XX 6. Angry Buddha 7. Tamer 8. Interlude XXX 9. Transcendental Time Layers 10. Seelenreise. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Man hört dem Sax/Gitarre/Bass/Drums-Powerplay sofort die Lust am Lärmen an. Auch im weiteren Verlauf der kurzweiligen Stunde lassen sich Einflüsse von Peter Brötzmanns Last Exit bis zu diversen Mats Gustafsson-Projekten ausmachen. Und das kann freilich auch bedeuten, nicht nonstop auf die Tube drücken zu müssen.
(Skug, June 2024)