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CD album | gg476
When one of the most productive free jazz saxophonists of Portugal, Rodrigo Amado, met Belgian experimental guitarist Dirk Serries for an ad-hoc duo performance (which led to a sold-out cassette release on Raw Tonk Records and a CD on Klanggalerie), it just clicked. After this duo they both immediately felt they could continue as a trio with a drummer. An obvious choice became English free drummer Andrew Lisle, who both share a friendship and creativity with. Dirk with Andrew and Colin Webster as Kodian Trio and Rodrigo met and played with Andrew in his younger years when Andrew resided for a while in Portugal. This trio meets the warm sax tone, grounded in proper free jazz traditions, with the relentless abstract guitar playing of Dirk Serries and versatile drumming of Andrew. After three concerts they recorded their debut studio album at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio (Anderlecht, Belgium) which is now being released on Klanggalerie. Full tracklist: 1. New Tone 2. Tapestry 3. The Invisible. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.