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THE NEW BLOCKADERS / GOSPLAN TRIO Sound Sketch for Raging Flames

CD album | gg92
This album is definitely one of the strangest recordings you will ever hear from The New Blockaders. Alexei Borisov's Gosplan Trio add a free jazz touch to the Rupenus brothers' noisy sound collages. The result is a unique hybrid of styles, and something quite unexpected from these British masters of noise and anti-art. Another very limited release, so be quick. Price: € 16,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

'Melancholic saxophone tones and voices are interwoven with particles of abstract noises which are generated from modulated metallic sound/junk, electronics and overflowing high frequencies. This album evokes a surrealistic sound view and a sense of nothingness‚ oozes through a rich and dense sound sculpture. A real masterpiece of bizarre abstract noise.'
(Molehill, October 2005)