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25 Minus Minutes
25 Minus Minutes

HARDY FOX 25 Minus Minutes

CD album | gg299
Hardy Fox, primary composer for The Residents, incredible solo musician, and the most lovely human being imaginable, has left this world. His last years were amongst his most prolific ever. Hardy stated on his website that he gave up composing music in 2018, but, believe it or not, only one week before his untimely death, he recorded this good-bye (mini)album to his fans. It is the most personal music ever created, a kind of diary, a stream of consciousness with fractured parts, with emotional and contextual shifts and most intimate comments. It is a requiem to himself and a farewell message to you. We think this album is not a 'commercial' release, but a kind of direct communication between him and us, so we are releasing this recording as a limited edition TOOK CD. Hardy and Walter established this label for special limited releases in 2016, and Klang will keep this label alive. PS: Hardy has not sold his rights to anyone on Sweden. (This comment will make sense once you have heard the music.). Full tracklist: 1. 25 Minus Minutes. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.