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My World, I Mean Your World
Dream Galaxies Of Nebulous Opacity
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KODAX STROPHES / MARTYN BATES It Doesn't Matter Where It's Solstice When You're In The Room

CD album | gg357
Martyn Bates is an English singer, musician and songwriter. After releasing tapes of experimental, industrial music as Migraine Inducers he formed Eyeless In Gaza with Peter Becker in January 1980. The duo became known for their unconventional instrumentation and arrangements, and for Bates’s passionate vocals. From 1992 onwards, Bates has run a parallel career recording and performing with a re-vitalised Eyeless In Gaza – with Eyeless deftly blending song with collaged soundscaping - while Bates otherwise continues to develop his own intense and possibly autobiographical solo work. Kodax Strophes is all about him wanting to make something wide-screen and filmic, kind of unhinged, and yet painterly – aleatoric, yet not absolutely, definitively so. It turned out to be an often sparse canvas, with lots of raw, ambient, found sounds … something quite different from “song”, and yet still lyrical/pastoral. Music for emptying dreams, music to free-associate by. Kodax Strophes is in a way where Martyn Bates originally began. Among the first things that he made for public consumption was the music he made in 1979/80 under the Migraine Inducers aegis. Quite key to Kodax Strophes is its filmic orientation - all the pieces were written and developed to ‘mess-aesthetic film’ images of Bates' own devising - i.e. they were conceived as being part musical, part filmic. The music also works well as a stand-alone. Full tracklist: 1. It Doesn't Matter Where It's Solstice When You're In The Room. 2. Triple Echo. 3. I Got Inner TV. 4. Eyeless House. 5. Skulls. 6. My World, I Mean Your World. 7. Dream Galaxies Of Nebulous Opacity. 8. You Don't Own Me. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

There is always a rich cradle of those bygone colors of aged maps - earthy rust, jade greens, deep ruby, along with gold leaf sculptures, and darkly corners of mystery, only yet to be discovered, again (or for the first time). While not a utopian song oriented solo with Martyn adding his intoxicating vocals, this has a elements of a soundtrack of both nightmares, and speculative terrain.(...) It Doesnt Matter Where Its Solstice When Youre In The Room is one more treasure from Mr Bates, and although in large part goes back to his pre-existent styles, it also maintains the unique balance of rugged and refined that all EIG fans have loved for decades.
(Big Beautiful Noise, April 2021)