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Hardy Fox used to be composer for The Residents. He left the group when he didn't feel fit enough for touring and when he turned 70. Since then, he has released many albums under the name Charles Bobuck, switching to his real name Hardy Fox when his albums became more personal. The first, self-titled and also known under the name Heart, is a study of the young Hardy Fox, an album about Love. The second, Nachtzug is about his last days touring with The Residents. It was followed up by a concept album about a Gorilla, Rilla contemplates Love. Hardy died in 2018 of a brain tumor. Since then, Klanggalerie keeps Hardy's music alive. We have a whole lot of archival music that will be released over the following years. Ibbur is soundtrack music connected with Hardy's serialized novella The Stone, published by himself on his website and through a newsletter. The Stone was a semi-autobiographical project that took a turn into the fantastical. An amazing read, it is still available through hardy Full tracklist: 1. Quass 2. Toehammer 5A 3. 11-22-12 4. Toehammer 8. 5. Toehammer 16A 6. Toehammer 9A 7. 11-22-20 8. 11-22-4 9, Toehammer 6A 10. Toehammer 10 11. 11-22-11 12. TH2A 13. Toehammer 2A 14. THS2 15. 11-22-10 16. 11-22-6 17. Toehammer 2A 18. Toehammer 10A 19. Toehammer 9 20. Toehammer 7 21. TH13A. Price: € 18,. incl. worldwide shipping.